Ship exploitation & operations

Hoanh Son Group JSC have established “HOANH SON FLEET” since July, 2020 by future vision will becomes one of largest Ship Owers in Viet Nam and Asia with most of vessel in Panamax size and bigger. Up to now, nerly 4 years of operation from beginning, we are managing and operating 10 vessels in Panamax size with Right Ship standard. We do the exploitation, annual checking and evaluations to ensure the shipments effectively and safely. Our vessels have experiences in sailing intra-Asia, to Australia and intend to develop our plan to worldwide.

Besides, Hoanh Son Group JSC also has plan to building new 20,000-30,000 DWT vessels by its competencies for cargo transiting from mother vessel as well as domestic operations. We aim to serve all customer shipments needs and requirements, both worldwide and domestics.

Our plan is nurturing the fleet both quality and quantity with high qualify in the near future. Hence, we are pursuing the best service that always exceeds customer expectations.

Ship chartering

HSG offers the best-in-class vessels chartering & operations. The Maritime-Legal and Exploitation departments will co-operation to assist each shipment is efficiently operated. Our well-qualified team will assist each shipment safely and efficiently to meet customer's expectation.

Shipping agency

The experienced and energetic team at HSG will help customers ship cargos door-to-door.

Berth and anchorage management

HSG plans to deploy berth and anchorage management in Vung Tau port in 2021. It is a promising enterprise in the future.